TWD-Baking with Julia-Rugelach


Ridiculously Rich RugelachI must agree with Dorie when she says, “These are the most abundantly stuffed, generously sized rugelach you’ll ever come across-the most delicious too.”

The dough was easy to make. It came together beautifully. I ran into a few snags wrapping my first two rugelach rolls. They were so stuffed I thought they might explode. I put less dried fruit filling in the second two. In hind site I would stuff them all to the limit. The dried fruit is delicious inside.

I ended up making two prune and one apricot roll with the dried fruit filling and one raspberry jam and mini chocolate chip roll.

My daughter ate the entire raspberry chocolate roll over a two-day period. I never tasted it. My husband didn’t seem to care what flavor he ate. He was just happy to try them all. My favorite are the prune.

I will make these again. Now that I know how much time they take I can plan for each step. I will also make the lekvar myself next time.


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