TWD- Baking with Julia- Pizza Rustica


This is the fifth recipe in my Baking with Julia experience. Spring has sprung and so has my desire to share my cooking adventure. With this in mind I decided to sacrifice the timeliness of my blog (the blog was supposed to post on Tuesday and Easter was the following Sunday) and invite my parents for Easter dinner. My mother brought a delicious salad and I made Pizza Rustica.

I made the crust in my food processor. It came together easily and was a joy to roll out.

I had the advantage of reading my fellow Tuesday with Dorie bloggers’ comments about their own Pizza Rustica experiences before I made mine. Many bakers said that the cheesy inside of the pie was a little bland. I decided to add two sautéed  shallots, some mushrooms and half a red pepper to the cheese and prosciutto pie filling. It looked very pretty inside. The red pepper added nice color.

I was worried that the lattice top would be difficult and time-consuming. This dough continued to be malleable but strong and very simple to work with.

Everyone enjoyed the Pizza Rustica. My mother said she would vote for this meal over a traditional holiday ham or turkey anytime.  The savory flavors inside the pie complimented each other and the sweet crust offered a surprise for the taste buds. Over-all a success.


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