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TWD-Baking With Julia- Pecan Sticky Buns


Trust the recipe…I read that a lot when checking in with TWD before making this recipe. It was wonderful advice. This recipe had a lot of steps but none of them were difficult or too time consuming.

I enjoyed the process of making these sticky buns even more than I enjoyed eating them.  I am learning a lot with each recipe we make. This time the new process for me was laminating the dough. That is the process of folding butter into the dough and giving the dough at least two turns. This led to a beautiful dough with buttery layers.

I shared the finished product with my parents and my husband and kids on Mother’s Day. We ate the sticky buns with some berries and cream after a huge dinner of BBQ chicken and potato salad. While I enjoyed the sticky buns I look forward to eating the second batch that I have in roll form in the freezer on an empty stomach. At my daughters suggestion we will eat them warm!


TWD- Baking with Julia- Hungarian Shortbread


Rhubarb from my back yardI was so pleased when I read the Hungarian Shortbread recipe. I moved into my home eight years ago. Every April/May two beautiful bunches of rhubarb spring up from the ground and mark the change of seasons. Every year I swear I will make something delicious with them and most years I don’t.  This year I went down to the backyard with a purpose and cut this gorgeous bunch of rhubarb.

The rhubarb jam that sandwiches between the two layers of shortbread was easy to make and really tasty. I think I will harvest the rest of the rhubarb for more jam for toast or sauce for ice cream.


The dough went together easily in my mixer with the paddle attachment. I ran out of time to put the recipe together so I left the dough in the freezer for a few days. The night before cooking the shortbread I moved  the dough to the refrigerator as recommended

I loved shredding the frozen dough into the pan. This was yet another technique that was new to me. It really gave this heavy dough a light airy quality.

This recipe was delicious. The sweet shortbread and the tart rhubarb were a perfect combination. The only problem was that it did not have the consistency of shortbread.  It had a very soft cake like texture especially towards the center of the pan.


I shared a row of bars with my parents. They thought it was a wonderful treat. My mother had purchased rhubarb a few days earlier. She made a warm sauce and poured it over top and she and my father ate it for breakfast. She said if I hadn’t told her it was undercooked that she would have thought that was the way it was supposed to taste; more like a cake then a shortbread.

I will consider making this recipe again next spring but I will cook the bottom crust alone for 15-20 minutes before adding the jam and the top crust to ensure a crisper more shortbread like crunch.