TWD- Baking with Julia -White Loaves


Yummy, soft, warm, crispy bread.

I’ve never baked bread before. It was relatively easy. I was stumped about finding an 80 degree place to let the bread sit for its second rise. I feel silly now that people put it in a warm oven. I put a space heater in my downstairs bathroom and put my bread in there to rise. My son loved the warmth and kept going in to visit the bread.

My daughter who loves¬†bread has eaten at least 1/2 a loaf since she arrived home from school. She even bragged to my husband, who is away, that it is delicious. She is really not that easy to please, so I am thrilled. I put the second loaf in the freezer and I can’t wait to share it with my husband this weekend.

My First Loaves

My First Loaves

I’ve never blogged before. I hope the learning curve for the technical issues is quick. I do love the idea of sharing the baking¬†experience with others. The idea of committing to such a long-term endeavour is exciting too.

So far I prefer baking bread to blogging about it…